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Mary Bruce Fonds Description

Mary Bruce Fonds: Photographs related to Indian Residential Schools


Mary Bruce Exhibit: Selected Photographs from Norway House (2013)

Mary Bruce Fonds Description

Indian Residential Schools

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Mary Bruce, born on a Manitoba farm in 1902, worked as a matron at Norway House Residential School (United Church of Canada) in Norway House, Manitoba from 1929 – 1932.

Miss Bruce was a photographer and also a watercolour painter. She also developed and printed the photographs that she took. Several of the photographs have been hand coloured and it is evident that she experimented with technique.

Follow the links to the right for more information on Mary Bruce and the Mary Bruce Fonds and for a link to an Exhibit of her photographs (which includes some photos not in these galleries).

Number of Images in the fonds: 280 images taken at Norway House, Manitoba between 1929 – 1932

There are two Galleries available here:

  • Photos related to Indian Residential Schools
  • Selected photos

Please contact the Archives regarding requests for copies or use of these images.  Scroll down to see images.

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Photos related to Indian Residential Schools

Number of Images in this Gallery: 54 (this is all the photos in the fonds related to Indian Residential Schools)

Selected Photographs

This is only a sampling of the photographs in the fonds.  All of the images in the fonds have been digitized and are available upon request.  Please contact the Keeper of the Archives.

Number of Images in this Gallery: 26