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Presbyterian Workers Among the Indians Fonds Description

Presbyterian Workers Among the Indians Fonds Photo Description


Presbyterian Workers Among the Indians Fonds

Indian Residential Schools

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The Association of Presbyterian Workers Among the Indians in the Synods of Manitoba and Saskatchewan (and parts of Ontario) was created in 1908 by Presbyterian missionaries for the purpose of meeting and discussing concerns and issues that they had in common. Nine Conventions were held between 1908 and 1916.  No further Conventions were held, nor any other activities and the Association officially was ended in 1928.

The fonds has 10 black and white photographs of Association members taken during an Annual Convention.  All of the photographs have been digitized.  For an item level description see the Fonds Description.

Number of Images in the Fonds: 10

Date Range of Images: 1909-1915

Please contact the Archives regarding requests for copies or use of these images.

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Number of Images in this Gallery: 10 (this is all the photos in the fonds related to Indian Residential Schools)