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Rev. Roscoe T. Chapin Fonds Description


Rev. Roscoe Chapin Fonds Description

Dorinda Sturdy Stonehouse Fonds Description

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Rev. Roscoe T. Chapin (1889-1988) was ordained and began teaching school in Norway House, Manitoba in 1920. From 1922 to 1930, Rev. Chapin did missionary work at Island Lake Mission, Manitoba, and from 1930 to 1934 he served the Rossville Mission in Norway House. In 1934, Rev. Chapin became principal of the Indian Residential School in Norway House and he remained there until 1941. He subsequently became principal of the Brandon Residential School (Manitoba) until 1944.

Chapin then ministered to the Melville (Saskatchewan) Pastoral Charge for seven years. From 1951 until 1958, Chapin served the Greenbank Pastoral Charge (Ontario). Though he retired in 1957, Chapin continued his work, serving the Box Grove Church from 1959 to 1964 during his retirement in Unionville, Ontario. Rev. Chapin composed his memoirs,  Memoirs of a Happy Journey Through Life.  The photographs in the fonds are from this memoir.

In 1922 Chapin, his wife Etta and his father traveled with Dorinda Sturdy (later Stonehouse) from Norway House to Island Lake.  See Dorinda Sturdy Stonehouse Fonds Photos.

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