Aug 252015

Task to Identify Authorship

For a history course in 1995, Pat Hardy went sleuthing through an archival document “Historical Sketch of the Portage la Prairie Indian School and Mission 1886-1936” speculated by the Archivist to be written by a woman.  The handwritten manuscript proved not to be written by Jessie Ella (Phiney) Murray, but by her clergy husband, Samuel Crothers Murray, although, a sizable chunk was transcribed from an 1886 document written by Amanda Morris McKay.  (Read her account here.)

Layers of Voice and Context

Hardy concludes her paper, “Indian School, Portage la Prairie – An Historical Sketch: An Investigation of Voice and Context” with, “Murray’s sketch of the Indian School at Portage la Prairie gives only a few clues about the role of native people in this community and raises many questions. There is much work to be done in finding the answers.” Her exploration of the document coincided with the beginning of public awareness about Residential Schools and their legacy of colonialism and racism. What emerges from her investigation are a series of questions about the schools and the context of the broader relationship of Aboriginal people to European settlers. Reading this paper twenty years after it was written, it is possible to see that the questions are still being explored, but at a different level of understanding. The “Voice and Context” have shifted. It is a good illustration of the living nature of archival documents.

Read Hardy’s paper here


Pat Hardy

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